Vikings: Clans of War

Browser game with Vikings – Everybody on board! – Time to go hunting for treasure and prey! The developers from Plarium bring us a real hit of a browser game. The free game Vikings: War of Clans will catapult you to the brutal world of the Vikings, a world that only acknowledges the law of the blade, a world in which you’ll have to fight and conquer your way to the top! Read on to find out whether this strategy browser game has what it takes to win you over.

Vikings: War of Clans is first of all a strategy browser game set in the times of the Vikings. You begin your journey as leader of a Viking village, and you’ll have to prove yourself in many battles on your way to becoming a Jarl! In the beginning, your camp is rather empty, and you barely have a building on your land. The way to proceed about it is entirely your decision, but the game offers a good advisor function for the first steps, which will help you find into the game quickly even if you haven’t played strategy before! Once you’ve erected the most important basic buildings, you’ll go on your first raids. Dispatch your warriors to the surrounding lands, and have them plunder all they can. The times of the Vikings were rough, and only the best survived! There’s a lot to do in the free game Vikings: War of Clans, and the integrated advisors really do a good job. Keep on reading about the game’s main features, and find out what else we loved about it.